This is a legally binding agreement between the licensee (you) and ArmoryShop Props regarding your rights to use our Props/3D models under this license.

“You” refers to the purchasing person or the user who must be at least 18 years of age, unless the purchase is approved by the parents or a guardian.

Being a private company, ArmoryShop Props keeps the rights to cancel any or all orders without giving any explanation.

We are also entitled to refuse or accept any customized order without giving a reason.

About this Agreement

As soon as you make a purchase with us, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions presented in the given agreement.

This User Agreement applies to all ArmoryShop Prop’s 3D models and props that have been purchased in the past or will be in the future. Kindly, contact if you have questions and concerns regarding User Agreement.

ArmoryProp Shops reserves all rights to edit or modify the points of this agreement at any time. You are liable to check it periodically to see if any changes have been made to it.

Commercial Use of the Items

You are not allowed to recast, take molds, digitally scan, replicate, distribute or share the props/products even if the geometry/mesh of the props are modified or the topology is recreated because it will still be considered as the derivation of the intellectual property of ArmoryShop Props.

You are not allowed to sell the props in a third-party marketplace at any given price. Since the artwork is our intellectual property, the design rights will always belong to the ArmoryShop Props and you are not allowed to register them at any legal organization, entity, or group as your own.

You are not entitled to receive any brand/consumer product license on our designs unless you are approved by us. ArmoryShop Props reserves all rights to use any photos and images of printed/finished props, if they have been created/printed using ArmoryShop Prop’s 3D models or are based on our props.

However, you are allowed to carry out non-commercial activities consisting of your own rendered images, animation and any other filmmaking technique using our props/files.

For complete commercial rights, you would need to get the approval of the original brand owner/character designer/company as we only own the intellectual property rights of our fan artwork, which include 3D files and data.


Our products are not officially licensed and should only be considered ‘fan art’. All the items are 3D-modeled, 3D-printed, molded, sewed, crafted, cast, painted, and assembled by ArmoryShop Props.

For the manufacturing of the products, the estimated dates of production shall only be considered as guidance and cannot be guaranteed due to unforeseen reasons.

Be aware that you are allowed to cancel your order within 3 calendar days after the confirmation.

Trademark Owners

All the registered trademarks belong to the owners.


ArmoryShop Props is not responsible for any kind of damage, scratches, or destruction of the props in international shipping. We assure that they are properly packed prior to being dispatched from our vicinity. However, it is our utmost effort to ensure the best shipping experience for all our clients, especially international ones.

ArmoryShop Props is not accountable for any kind of delay or cancelation in international shipping.

It is to be understood that shipping time is beyond our control and there might be unexpected delays due to circumstances. These circumstances include but are not limited to:
  • 4 weeks before and after the Christmas and New Year time
  • National holidays
  • National or international sports activities
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Political unrests

ArmoryShop Props cannot take responsibility for any of the above-mentioned conditions and have no control over the delivery process.

Due to the volatile nature of laws in various countries, it is not possible for us to be aware of the hidden custom fees or taxes, which the customers can incur once the package reaches them. The customer is liable to pay these additional charges, which cannot be claimed from the company.

Nonetheless, you are encouraged to share any such details, which can help in getting rid of the over-payment, prior to placing the order.