Payment Policy

General Products and Custom Orders

ArmoryShop is a short-name of a "Propmaking Company - ArmoryShop Props LLC".

We accept PayPal payments. All prices are in US Dollars (USD, $).

According to Russian Financial Law, ArmoryShop is allowed to accept payments in Russian Rubles (RUR) ONLY!
All USD prices will be converted into Russian Rubles during Checkout by PayPal.

Conversion rate automatically set by PayPal, according to PayPal's inner conversion rate based on Russian Central Bank Conversion Rate.

The final cost of your product, including the shipping costs, can be found during the checkout prior to making the payment.

All orders are to be paid in full before the production begins.

"Payment Plans" are available and do not affect regular prices. However, payment plan cannot be applied to certain items.

"Payment Plan" orders are require "Non-Refundable Deposit".

"Non-Refundable Deposit" is a processing fee and will not be refunded in case you'll decide to cancel your order prior it will be finished.

"Non-Refundable Deposit" equals 10% (Ten Percents) of your order's total amount with shipping costs included.

"Payment Plan" orders can be canceled at any moment, prior they will be evaluated to "Shipped" status.
Within this time, 10% cancelation fee ("Non-Refundable Deposit") will be applied to the refunded amount. 

"Regularly Paid" orders can be canceled within 3 calendar days after the final transaction has been made.
Within this time, no cancelation fees ("Non-Refundable Deposit") will be applied to the refunded amount.

"Regularly Paid" order can not be canceled after 3 days from the Payment date, a full or partial refund can not be availed then.

Any order will be automatically cancelled, if we will not receive initial/full payment within 7 days from the order's date.

We will provide Sizing Chart for Armor once first/full payment for this order will be made.

Discounts and coupons can be availed during checkout prior making the payment.

Discounts, sales, and coupons can not be combined to avail a massive reduction in the final price.

Checks and loans are not accepted.

We prefer PayPal payments but also accept bank transfer and direct card-to-card transfer.

Return and Exchanges

General Products and Custom Orders

There are no returns or refunds once the items leave our workshop.

We do not accept any returns on custom orders. All these orders are verified before the production starts. Once you've approved the design on the blueprint and given the go-ahead to production, there is no way to stop the production or avail a refund.

There are no returns on armor kits and soft parts since they are custom-fitted.

We only accept returns on wrong sizes. But in this case, the buyer has to take the responsibility that the part incurs no damage as they reach us back.

There are no guarantees for a 100% fit because the customer himself is taking the measurements. The process is not carried out professionally as we would do ourselves.

Our experience allows us to maintain 99% accuracy in the fitting of the armor. However, there are times when mismatсhes in sizing occur. In such a case, we replace the ill-fitted parts with new ones.

Replacement will be free and without any shipping charges. The only condition being that the ill-fitted parts reach us unused, undamaged, and unchanged.

Business Information

"ArmoryShop Props" and "ArmoryShop" brand-names are belong to:
IP Vorobev Denis Igorevich
ИНН: 503212129220
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