Star Wars: ‘A New Hope’ Stormtrooper Costumes

‘A New Hope’ episode of Star Wars Saga was groundbreaking in its use of special effects and gave some iconic characters to the masses like Stormtroopers. Their costumes became one of the most well-recognizable symbols of the series.

The Stormtroopers didn’t possess much muscle but were definitely cool. The Star Wars fans have always wanted to keep a part of them in one form or the other. This is the reason that the Stormtrooper action figures, statues, and costumes have remained popular since the release of the first movie.

Star Wars: ‘A New Hope’ Costume of the Stormtrooper Force

By far, Stormtroopers have been the most intriguing character in the movie. The original costume designer of the movie, John Mollo said that the Stormtrooper costume was the most difficult task for him. He wanted the Stormtroopers to look like a robotic army without giving too much of a sci-fi feel to them.

The ArmoryShop Props presents DIY kits of three different kinds of costumes – RAW, pre-painted, or finished-painted. We design original Star Wars movie costumes, which are printed following the specific measurements provided by the client. Each of our product is tailor-fitted and customized according to the requirements presented by the clients.

Our Star Wars New Hope costumes are light in weight and have been designed keeping the convenience of our clients in mind. We provide you with a finished product and all you need to do is strap it yourself. Add our costume to your Star Wars collection and you'll not be disappointed.


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