Emperor Palpatine Cane and Cloak clasp Mk3


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Full Size Wearable Emperor Palpatine Cane and Cloak clasp Mk3 from Star Wars Return of the Jedi
The model is custom made by me as well as print and final model.

- Pls, keep in mind production queue and request for available quote first!
- RAW set includes casted buckle + 3DPrinted cane + locks for buckle
- FINISHED set includes smoothed and painted+glossed buckle with locks + cane.

- Poly-resin casted buckle
- Maximum details and Lava-wood surface
- Cane curved in 2 axis
- Obsidial paint for cane and hi-gloss for buckle
- Locks are installed in buckle
- This set meets 501st CRL requirements!

This cane is 90cm length.

Video review here: https://youtu.be/R0yBad_Dpx8

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