E-11D Blaster Rifle


About item

This listing is for fan made prop - Star Wars Rogue One Death Trooper E-11D Blaster Rifle (3D Printed RAW Print)
The model is custom printed upon order!

This is PLA-printed blaster, lightweight and very durable!

The price is for RAW PRINTED, NOT Finished!
Needs assembling, slight sanding and paint!

This is HIGHLY DETAILED kit! Consist of 50+ parts.

We have production queuem production time - 3 days from sales date.

1) made of PLA plastic,
2) lightweight and very durable
3) need little to no finishing (assembling and sandinng+painting)
4) screen accurate
5) unique detalization and screen proportions

We also provide everything to build your own 501st approved Death Trooper costume:
- Death Trooper Helmet
- Death Trooper Armor
- Death Trooder Undersuit
- Death Trooper Belt
- Textile belt boxes with covers
- Leather Pauldron for Specialist edition
- Chest Rig for Specialist edition
- DLT-19X Heavy Sniper Rifle
- E-11DT Blaster
- CE-14 Pistol
- DT Grenades
- H&K Magz
- LED light system for Death Trooper Helmet
- Soft foam inner paddings for Death Trooper Helmet

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