Death Trooper Helmet Bottom Liner Star Wars Rogue One


About item

This listing is for custom made Star Wars Rogue One Death Trooper Helmet Bottom Liner.
These liner is required as a part your helmet.

1) Rubber liner
2) Screen accurate
3) Unique detalization and screen proportions

We also provide everything to build your own 501st approved Death Trooper costume:
- Death Trooper Helmet
- Death Trooper Armor
- Death Trooder Undersuit
- Death Trooper Belt
- Boot covers
- Leather Pauldron for Specialist edition
- Chest Rig for Specialist edition
- DLT-19X Heavy Sniper Rifle
- E-11DT Blaster
- CE-14 Pistol
- DT Grenades
- H&K Magz
- LED light system for Death Trooper Helmet
- Soft foam inner paddings for Death Trooper Helmet

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