Soft Parts

Star Wars Belt and Gloves

Star Wars is not just a movie franchise; it is a phenomenon. The likeness of people towards different characters has made them their first choice as a Halloween or a fancy dress party costume. The fun part is that with each new movie, more characters are introduced and this widens the costume choices for people.

A true fan would never miss the chance of getting his hands on an exact replica of Star Wars costumes. They would pay attention to even the minutest details like getting the exact Star Wars belt and Stormtrooper gloves. Thus, ArmoryShop Props takes immense responsibility in giving the fans a costume which satisfies their ultimate desires.

Details and Features

We take extreme pride in informing our clients that each of our costumes made till date has been 501st approved including the soft parts like Stormtrooper belt as well as Stormtrooper costume gloves. Each part is screen accurate and manufactured following unique details and screen proportions.

The belt is made of ribbed rubber whereas you have the option to choose from 5 different fabrics for the Stormtrooper undersuit. Each fabric is of the finest quality and the final product comes with integrated strappings. The suit is light-weight, breathable, and flexible allowing you free movements.

It takes us about 10 to 12 days for the production of each costume as they are manufactured following your exact measurements. We give a quote for the finished product and you only receive the final, fully finished costume. As soon as you place an order with us, we ask for your measurements and start working on your Star Wars look for the upcoming event.