Star Wars Back Patch

The original action figures of Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker were responsible for the success of the initial trilogy. The young generation of the 1970s and 1980s would relive the adventures of these three figures not through re-watching the movies but by playing with these toys and tickling their imaginations.

Apart from the toys, collecting buttons and patches was also a very visually appealing way to display your love for the series. Back in the days, there was Bantha Track magazine which would allow you to collect various kind of patches and buttons. Now you have the chance to increase your collection by getting your hands on ArmoryShop’s Star Wars imperial patches.

Star Wars Embroidered Patches

For the fans of the series, collecting Star Wars jacket patches is a standalone worthy experience. Although the patches can be made from any material including paper and plastic, we only offer fabric patches with embroidery. Manufactured overseas, each patch has been designed by a professional designer.

We guarantee supreme quality and unique designs in our collection, which is an absolute delight for the collectors. Our Star Wars patches for sale are a treat to your eyes with their bright colors and detailed features, and the price is very easy on your pocket. ArmoryShop Props offers the following patch designs

- Death Squad Patch

- Legends Death Trooper Patch

- Legends Dual Patch

- Legends Patrol Trooper Patch

- Logo Patch

- Death Trooper Build Group Patch

- Patrol Trooper Build Group Patch

- Sith Trooper Build Group Patch

Let us know what other Star Wars fabric patches you are looking for and we would love to add them in our product line.