Lando Skiff Disguisse Armor 3D-Printed Custom Fit ROTJ / SOLO Fan made Star Wars


About item

This listing is for Custom printed Lando Calrissian Skiff Disguisse Armor 3D-Printed.

This 3D model based on all currently available refferences! Remixed and printed by me.
I have huge printer, all parts comes solid, no glue required.

Armor printed according to your measurements and fits only you!
Tailor fit!

Please keep in mind - I need 15-25 days to print it.
Also - I have production queue.

Pls, keep in mind - FINISHED pics are for reference only (one of clients)!

1) made of PLA plastic,
2) lightweight and very durable
3) need little to no finishing
4) screen accurate (most accurate for the moment)
5) unique detalization and screen proportions

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