Ralph McQuarrie Stormtrooper Concept 2 Helmet


About item

This listing is for fan made prop - Ralph McQuarrie's Stormtrooper Concept 1 Helmet.
The model is custom made by me as well as print and final model.

The price is final and it's for Fully Finished with everything included (READ BELOW)!

IMPORTANT - Pls, keep in mind production queue and request for available quote first!

The FINISHED kit consist of:
- Helmet with transparent black visor - 1pcs
- Exclusive design helmet stand - 1pcs
- Removable LightSaber - 1pcs
- Metal naming plate - 1pcs
- Soft Foam inned paddings
- Unique RMQ Tribute Patch with real SILVER embroidery! - 1pcs

- Poly-resin roto-casted bucket
- 4-tone paintworks (high gloss unique old-school white paint + mat rubber-black + chrome + grey)
- Car body-shop high gloss quality
- 2mm tinted black visor
- Soft foam inner padding
- Rubber Textured Lining
- Detachable full scale LightSaber

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