First Order JetTrooper Helmet (TROS, PRE-Order)
First Order JetTrooper Helmet (TROS, PRE-Order)
First Order JetTrooper Helmet (TROS, PRE-Order)

First Order JetTrooper Helmet (TROS, PRE-Order)

This listing is for PRE-Order of Finished First Order JET Trooper Helmet.
Both variants - White (First Order) and Red (Sith Final Order).

Fast and dangerous, First Order Jet Troopers are cunning soldiers while airborne. They are more maneuverable than other Aerial units, being able to cause havoc to enemy lines with their abilities and weapons. Like the Galactic Empire's jumptroopers, First Order Jet Troopers were specialized stormtroopers that were trained in aerial combat utilizing specialized armor and weaponary.

Their new white helmet was distinctly different from standard First Order stormtrooper.

Sith Jet Troopers employed by the Sith Eternal military were also of a white variant design and function, with the distinction of plating color, in which a Sith red and black theme was prevalent.

The First Order Jet Trooper is the Aerial Reinforcement unit of both the First Order and Final Order.

It was released on December 2019, in "The Rise of Skywalker" episode. 

PRE-Order means this helmet is ready to be molded. It will be molded and cast within the following 2 months.
Modeled and made by ArmoryShop Props.

Features (after mold-making):
- Poly-resin roto-casted helmet
- Car bodyshop paint work quality
- 2mm acrylic tinted black visor
- Highly detailed accessories

PRODUCTION TIME is up to 8 weeks, depending on the queue: 
- Up to 8 weeks to Mould and Cast it.


M-Size: Full head circumference up to 60cm (24 inches or 7-US Hat Size).

- Worldwide from Moscow, by EMS speed courier service.
- Shipping costs are based upon Total Order's Weight and will be calculated during checkout.

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May the force be with you!
Always wear a helmet!

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