Death Trooper FINISHED Helmet Mk4 Star Wars Rogue One


About item

This listing is for fan made prop - FINISHED Full Size Wearable helmet of DeathTrooper from Star Wars Rogue One movie.
The model is custom made by me as well as print and final model.

The price is for Fully Finished with everything included!
4 types of paint: black gloss, black matt, metallic black, chainmal.
Working green LEDs.

IMPORTANT - Pls, keep in mind production queue and request for available quote first!

Meets 501st reqirements for helmet of Imperial Death Trooper costume.
For detais of full costume build, pls, refer to 501st CRL Page: http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TX_deathtrooper
Video review here: https://youtu.be/3MJlHOalyOE

The FINISHED kit consist of:
- Helmet with visor and light bulbs - 1pcs
- Soft Foam inned paddings - 2pcs
- LED light system - 1pcs
- Battery case with power switch - 1pcs
- "Spectra Sersor" (rangefinder) - 1pcs
- Magnetic attachment system - 1pcs
- Velcro straps - 2pcs

- Poly-resin roto-casted bucket
- 4-tone paintworks (gloss black + mat rubber-black + metal black + chainmal)
- Car body-shop gloss quality
- 2mm tinted green visor
- Working LEDs
- Soft foam inner padding
- Rubber Lining
- Detachable Spectra Sensor (earth magnets)
- Vents with mesh covers

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