Stormtrooper Blasters and Other Star Wars Weapons and Ammo

Star Wars can still be considered as one of the best visual spectacles of all times. Even the movies which were released after it couldn’t match the standard set by it, especially in costume design. The outfits made the audience accept these alien characters, which they had never seen or imagined in real life.

We do realize that no Star Wars look is completed without the unique weapons which are carried by the characters in the movie. Along with the proper armor and costume, ArmoryShop Props also provides the StormTrooper or DeathTrooper blaster to complete the look. We do realize that without the necessary props and accessories, the wearer won’t be able to get the feel of the character.

Details and Features

Star Wars costumes can never get old for any kind of party. With each new installment of the movie, we get a variety of new ideas for more interesting costume designs because of the introduction of more characters. On the other hand, certain characters like Stormtroopers still remain a fan favorite.

We are as fierce and determined as the Stormtroopers themselves to provide our clients with the best costume along with the authentic DeathTrooper blaster. Our purpose is not just to create an identical costume but to let our clients feel a sense of achievement when it comes to fashion.

The Star Wars blaster we provide with our costume is made from lightweight PLA plastic, making it easy to be carried anywhere. It is very durable and has been manufactured following special instructions and details from the screen proportions. The weapons and ammo which you receive will  require assembling.