Death Trooper Costume

Death troopers are the elite soldiers who belong to the Imperial Intelligence and support a specialized black death trooper suit. Serving as bodyguards of highly important individuals like Grand Admiral Thrawn and Director Krennic, these soldiers are intensively trained to perform to the best of their abilities.

The death troopers didn’t do anything much different than the normal Stormtroopers. Nevertheless, their attractive black costumes always stood out. A death trooper cosplay doesn’t come with advanced helmet systems and sensitive motion sensors. We may not be able to give you these exciting features in our death trooper costume but you will not find any difference in the overall look.

Details and Features

The Star Wars death trooper costume is made of PLA plastic which is of supreme quality. We ensure that the armor retains its original look for a long period of time, thus, we use very durable materials. They are also light in weight making them extremely comfortable for the wearer.

We observe extreme attention to detail while designing the imperial death trooper costume. A sketch is designed on the screen, which is then transformed into the physical product with accurate proportions. A rubber belt, rubber bands, and leather boots are also included with the entire death trooper costume for sale.

Our artists are highly skilled in what they do, so our products require little to no finishing. With hard work and dedication, each time we create a masterpiece by following the measurements on the size chart religiously. None of our competitors can match the quality and finishing of our Star Wars Rogue One death trooper costume.


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