Sith Trooper Armor (TROS, Raw)
Sith Trooper Armor (TROS, Raw)
Sith Trooper Armor (TROS, Raw)
Sith Trooper Armor (TROS, Raw)
Sith Trooper Armor (TROS, Raw)
Sith Trooper Armor (TROS, Raw)
Sith Trooper Armor (TROS, Raw)
Sith Trooper Armor (TROS, Raw)
Sith Trooper Armor (TROS, Raw)

Sith Trooper Armor (TROS, Raw)

This listing is for DIY KIT of all hard-plastic armor parts of First Order Sith Trooper Costume.

CRL has been released 01.03.2021!
For further details of this costume, pls refer to 501st CRL DataBase
We became CRL-Model with this armor, undersuit and helmet!!!

MADE BY TX-58542 - Legion's first approved Sith Trooper!

Our kits have been 501st APPROVED many times!
More than 150 kits have been printed!

RAW means - outer side of 3D-printed parts is NOT smoothed, painted, glossed and detailed. 
Finished pics are for reference ONLY!
Kit still needs to be strapped and assembled.
Remixed and printed by ArmoryShop Props.

- Made of ASP plastic
- Lightweight and very durable
- Screen accurate
- Unique details and screen proportions
- Armor KIT is UNSTRAPPED! You will have to make strapping before wearing it!
- Professional car-bodyworks painted and glossed
- Some plates (ex.AB and Cod plates) shall be glued together by in-modeled locks, to achieve the correct look.

What's included:
- Upper torso armor: Chest + Back + Polymer Gorget + Abdomen + Kidneys + Thermal Detonator + COD + Butt Plates with all details as per CRL required.
- Hands armor:  Shoulder Bells + Biceps + Forearms + Palm Plates with all details as per CRL required.
- Elements of belt: Polymer Belt + Hard Plastic Boxes as per CRL required.
- Legs armor: Thighs Plates + Shins plates + Polymer Spats (starting Sept'2021) with all details as per CRL required.

What's NOT included:
- Helmet (can be bought HERE)
- Undersuit (can be bought HERE)
- Gloves
- Boots 
- Balaclava

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and limitations, we are now have long production queue!
Current production time is up to 14 weeks from payment date.

- After the order paid, we will send you the Sizing Chart, which will be used to print your armor.
- Armor is printed according to your measurements and fits only you.

- Worldwide from Moscow, by EMS speed courier service.
- Shipping costs are based upon Total Order's Weight and will be calculated during checkout.

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May the force be with you!
Always wear a helmet!

Kind regards,
ArmoryShop Props
TX/TB 58542

---- Legal notice ---
*Please be noted that all orders can be canceled only within 3 days after order placement.*
**This is not yet an officially licensed product and is only considered Fan Art, the item is 3D modeled, 3D printed, molded, cast, painted and assembled by me.**
***Due to the custom nature of the product, ETA dates are not guaranteed and should be considered as guidance only.***
****ALL Customs fees and duties, as well as specific and unspecified taxes and duties of receiving this item should be paid by Customer. All fees and duties are not ArmoryShop's obligations.****
*****By placing an order, you're accepting and agree with our production/shipping/cancellation terms and conditions.*****
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