501st Legion Costumes

501st Legion Costumes


501st Legion Costumes

In May of 1977, the Star Wars phenomenon was introduced for the very first time. Since then, we have seen a lot of people from different parts of the world immersing themselves into the Star Wars craze. The adventurous theme, top-notch special effects, and the engrossing story have kept the people glued to the franchise for forty years.

When people are so crazy about a movie series, the demand for the costumes also hikes. The dedicated fans would always choose any of the Star Wars characters to dress up at a costume party or Halloween. But, do you know these costumes require approval before they can be considered true to the original? This is where 501st Legion comes.

What is the 501st Legion?

After two decades of the release of the first movie, a fan-based organization 501st Legion was formed that dedicated itself to the manufacturing of screen-accurate replicas of the costumes. It entirely comprises of volunteers and is commonly called by its nickname Vader’s First.

It was formed by two residents of South Carolina named Tom Crews and Albin Johnson and boasts 13,000 members worldwide. To date, there are 26,000 501st approved costumes, and they do not entertain custom creations.

How Do They Approve the Costumes?

The 501st Legion does not approve or endorse any seller, costume maker, or prop creator. Rather, every 501st legion costume for sale passes through scrutiny and individual assessment before reaching the client.

They have multiple Costuming Groups Forums where the guidelines and regulations have been specified. Any company which wants to produce Star Wars costumes must go through these guidelines carefully before jumping to the creation process.

Also, these guidelines may vary from country to country and region to region. So, it is very important to pay special attention if one wants their costumes to satisfy the eligibility criteria without any trouble.

Why is it Important for ArmoryShop to Get their Costumes Approved?

The people behind ArmoryShop possess a lot of love for the Star Wars series. Because of our passion, we would only like to produce 501st approved costumes so that our clients are also satisfied with the products.

We believe that the true Star Wars fans do not deserve to get such costumes that aren’t replicated tactfully. Therefore, getting the approval of an organization that pays so much attention to detail is mandatory for us.

How to Get Your Costume Approved?

A lot of effort goes into creating a 501st costume. Some of the most talented individuals sculpt it by hand and digitally but one of the hardest parts is to get the color right. The only way to approval is to stick to the original design without any alteration.

As long as a 501st trooper costume satisfies the standards set by the organization, the creators are going to receive the support. The legion actually provides a chance to like-minded individuals to share their love for the series.