Custom Star Wars Costumes

George Lucas began the franchise in the 1970s and to date, it is one of the most successful and influential pieces in motion picture history. The films continually set examples in the field of motion pictures special effects and costumes, leading to the development of an enormously lucrative merchandising industry.

With the last installment of the third trilogy releasing this year, the avid fans are back to rejoicing the Star Wars fever. Star Wars has retained its magic throughout the decades and continues to woo the fans with its fantastic storyline, memorable characters, remarkable special effects, and attractive costumes.

Genuine Star Wars Costumes

Armory Shop Props offers a wide array of genuine Star Wars costumes, which are made from superior quality materials and bear no difference to the original. With our expert team working tirelessly on every piece, we take pride in the fact that all our delivered products have been approved by 501st Legion.

We do realize the passion of certain clients for their favorite movie series and their inclination towards designing a custom Star Wars costume for themselves. We are pleased to work with customers to create customized costumes from the galaxy far, far away! All your input is welcomed and put into the costume with thorough perfection.

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